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Company Name City Website
Abu Ashara for Trade & Import Hurghada,Red Sea
Al-Mansour Int'l Distribution Maadi,Cairo
Al-Shahin Import & Distribution El-Matariya,Cairo
Anany for Foodstuff Badrashein,6th of October
Cairo Tea 6th of October,6th of October
Crocodile & Lion-Saad Ismail Ahmed Osman Tanta,Gharbeya
Crown Foodstuffs Industry & Trading El-Mounib,Giza
Egyturk Import & Export Mohandessin,Giza
El-Manar for Food Industries Cairo/Ismailia Road,Cairo
Enani for Foodstuff 6th of October,6th of October
Gazar Sons Est. Mohandessin,Giza
Int'l Foundation Import & Export-Abd El-Hady Soliman Pyramids,Giza
Medom for Food Production Badr City,Helwan
Mohamed Khalil Badawy & Sons 10th of Ramadan,Sharkeya
Mostanir for Import & Export Shubra El-Kheima,Kaliubeya
Pavly for Import & Export Down Town,Alexandria
Raslan for Import & Distribution El-Sharq,Port Said
Saad Import & Export Tanta,Gharbeya
Salem Import Heliopolis,Cairo
Sanabel Import; Export & Commercial Agencies Embaba,Giza
Unilever Mashreq-Int'l Amreya,Alexandria
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