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Company Name City Website
Daio Design Package Corporation Miyoshi-machi
Fujisawa Shiko K.K. Chigasaki
Japan Plus Corporation Kita-Ku
Kobashi Co., Ltd. Chuo-Ku
Kowa Sangyo Co., Ltd. Yuki
Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Chuo-Ku
Shinko Inc. Shinjuku-Ku
Siko Corporation Osaka
Suruga Corporation Chofu
Tarutani Industrial Packaging Corporation Amagasaki
Toho Industries Co., Ltd. Osaka
Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Chiyoda-Ku
Tokyo Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Taito-Ku
Wakosiki Co., Ltd. Kawaguchi
Yamada Corrugated Container Co., Ltd. Chuo-Ku
Yamato-shiki Corporation Ibaraki
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