Share and Import Duty

However, high trade intensity index with the importing partner does not guarantee the success of an exporter from the country in the particular market. An exporter also needs to know its competitive position in the export market he wants to enter. An exporter should know its competitive position in the export market he wants to enter. For this, the report analyses the share of India in the total imports as compared to the imports from other competing suppliers. Higher is the share of our country, good is the indicator for an exporter to target that market since there we face least competition.

Tariffs, in terms of import duty are one of the most influential decision making tools for the selection of the right market. A customs duty is an indirect tax levied on the import or export of goods in international trade. In economic sense, a duty is also a kind of consumption tax. A duty levied on goods being imported is referred to as an import duty. Similarly, a duty levied on exports is called an export duty. A tariff, which is actually a list of commodities along with the leviable rate (amount) of customs duty, is popularly referred to as a customs duty.

Customs duty is calculated on the determination of the assessable value in case of items for which the duty is levied ad valorem. This is often the transaction value unless a customs officers determines assessable value in accordance with the Harmonized System. However, for certain items like petroleum and alcohol, customs duty is realized at a specific rate applied to the volume of the import or export consignments.

China Share Import Duty RTA
            Benin             9 %             0 %             No
            Cambodia                 6.4 %                 20 %             ASEAN-China
            Cote d'Ivoire             19.5 %                  0 %             No
            Mali             24.3 %             0 %             No
            Togo             35.6 %             0 %             No



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