How to use PMI

The product market intelligence portal is designed and tested the application tool into a step by step of identification of the right product-market mix i.e. deciding which product to sell in which market through the use of competitive indicators and analytical tools.  The use of online Product Market Identification (PMI) application, trade databases and information would help exporters in GMS find countries with the largest and fastest growing markets for their exports and help determine which foreign markets will be the most penetrable & profitable.The Application follows a very close methodological approach to gathering intelligence on Product Market fit. The following is summary of PMI process flow.

The Product Market Identification (PMI) Portal Application software is developed for selected products from Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) counties by identifying top 5 markets for each of the products with the following features: Identification of Harmonization Code System (HS-Code) (country wise products), Export trends for each product, Identification of right product based on Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) trends, Identification of right export market, Trade Intensity Index (TII), Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers, Quotas & Licensing, Free Trade Arrangement (FTA) & Preferential Trade Arrangements (PTA) and System Generated Dynamic Graph and Reports.

Coverage of selected products in PMI from GMS are:


Selected Product in the GMS Countries
Product HS Code Product HS Code Product HS Code Product HS Code Product HS Code Product HS Code
Pepper 090411 Tea 0902 Cabbage 070511 Fishery 03 Coconut 080111 Bird nest 210690
Cashew nuts 080131 Maize 1005 Coffee 090111 Maize 1005 Organic Vegetable 07 Footwear 6403
Maize 1005 Potato 0701 Maize 1005 Mango 080450 Processed Pork 0203 Ceramic 69
Organic Vegetable 07 Fresh Cut Flowers 0603 Organic Vegetables 07 Plastics 39 Rubber 40 Coffee 090111
Palm Sugar 170114 Fruits 08 Salt 2501 Rice 1006 Processed Sea Food 16 Plastic 39
Rice 100630 Mushroom 071159 Silk 50 Sea water Prawns 030613 Silk 50 Silk 50
Silk 50 Roasted Coffee 090121 Sticky Rice 100630 Chickpeas 071320 Soybean 1201 Tea 090220
Mango 804050 Tobacco 240110 Tea 0902 Footware 64 Sugarcane 1701 Toy 95
        White Charcoal 4402 Gemstones 7103 Vegetable oil 15 Wooden Furniture 940360
        Wooden Furniture 940360     Wooden Sculptures 9703    


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