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The Trade Intensity Index (TII) is a method of trade research in deciding the right market for interested product.

Trade Intensity Index is based on an actual observation of bilateral trade flow, and it measure that intimacy of the trading relationship between any given two countries. Higher is the Trade Intensity Index, better will be our export possibility and therefore an exporter should choose the market with high TII values.

When you put mouse over each Line Chart in different colour, it will show the data of product name, year and TII value. On the same window (right corner), viewer can see lists of specific product which selected based on top product analysis.

The result of the showed TIIs value both for Existing Exporter (EEx) and Potential Importer (PIm) is signified that
  • The trading partners have TIIs greater than unity; its trade relationship can be defined as 'intensive'. In other words, an index of more (less) than one indicates a bilateral trade flow that is larger (smaller) than expected, given the partner country's importance in the world trade.
Check the TII of the top products from Thailand

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